About Me

This is what I do.
A locked down lighting programmer turned developer.

Anyone who has met me will know me as a lighting designer and programmer. I’ve been working in London and all over the world professionally since 2010.

However, since the wheels came off the entire industry due to COVID 19, I’ve found myself with no work and no prospects of picking anything up for quite some time… I have been unable to secure any government aid (I moved from a Ltd comapny role to a sole trader in August 2019… making me “newly self employed” and thus excempt from support. For more information check out #excludedUK). As a result, I am pursuing some other skills that will either be helpful upon my return to work or provide a little headstart if I find I need to make an unexpected career change.

This site will help me to reflect upon some of my learning as I aim to expand my skillset. It’s kindly hosted on Github Pages, and uses Jekyll static site generation.